About IACR

Islamic Academy for Comparative Religion (IACR)

Founded in 1998 has been carrying out Da'wah, (removing mis-understandings about Islam and presenting authentic information) and thus bringing different communities closer to one another.

IACR conducts public speeches, symposia, dialogues, debates, conferences, training programs, long term courses and so on. It publishes pamphlets, booklets etc. on various topics like Da'wah, Islam & Science, Comparative Religion and so on.

IACR has conducted several historical programs in Hyderabad and it's doing more, Alhamdulillah.


Br.Asifuddin Muhammed, the President of IACR, has been a student of comparative religion for about 22 years. He gained in depth knowledge of three major religions - Islam, Hinduism and Christianity during this period.

Br. Asifuddin is qualified as an MBA and LLB. In order to take out time for Da'wah, he left the position of Chief Financial Analyst & MD of an MNC's Holding Company in the year 2000 and became a lecturer in MBA Dept of a highly reputed college in Hyderabad. In July 2006 he left the position of Vice Principal and made himself 100% available for Da'wah.

Br. Asifuddin has command in Telugu, English, Urdu and Hindi. He has delivered several speeches in these languages. He also has fair acquaintance with scriptural languages such as Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek.

Br. Asifuddin had the precious opportunity of learning Methodology of Da'wah directly from Dr. Zakir Naik who is the most powerful orator of the century on Islam & Comparative Religion. Since then Br. Asifuddin is working in close association with Dr. Zakir Naik.