FREE Da'wah Training Program

IACR has offered FREE 3 Day training programs to equip youngsters with proper knowledge of Da'wah. So far IACR has conducted 15 such Training Programs in which around 600 students have been trained, Alhamdulillah.

FREE Da'wah Course

IACR has offered FREE Da'wah Course of 2 Months duration where the students are empowered with enough knowledge to carry out Da'wah with scholars of different communities after a simple effort of 2 hours a day, Alhamdulillah.

FREE Qur'anic Arabic Course

IACR has offered special 3-Month Qur'anic Arabic Course. This course enables students to understand Qur'anic Grammar, its vocabulary and the essence of Ayats (Verses).

IACR's 'Quranic Arabic Course' is a unique effort. In this course, the school children learning regular curriculum will be given an additional subject 'Quranic Arabic' and will be taught Arabic as seriously as English, Maths and science. By the time a child completes his schooling, he shall be proficient in Arabic and be well versed with the Qur'an and Ahadith. IACR shall design the syllabus, publish the books, select teachers, train them, appoint them, pay them salaries, prepare question papers and so on upto certifying the children in the end.


IACR offerred free Tajweed course for people interested in correct pronunciation of Quranic Arabic. This course corrects and perfects the pronunciation of a student enabling him/her for better and more beautiful recitation.