"The Quran is the Final Revelation from the Creator to humanity. It was revealed in the year 610 CE to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and completed over a period of 23 years. These 23 years of revelation resulted in a book which comprised of 114 chapters and over 6000 verses. All of this was to become the primary source of law for the whole of mankind to live and die by. Quran includes all the subjects that concern human beings, such as doctrine, family, wisdom, worship, economy, etc. The main theme is the relationship between God and human beings.

The impact of this book is such that Allah says:

"Had We revealed this Quran upon a mountain, surely you would have seen it humble itself and crumble out of the fear of Allah. Such are the parables We put forward to mankind so that they may reflect" (Quran 59:21)

If people were to truly reflect upon this book, they would realize that nothing in this world is quite the same. So why should this claim be accepted over others? The following reasons will give an indication as to why this book deserves the attention of all humanity." [3]


""There is probably in the world no other book which has remained twelve centuries with so pure a text". Writing 200 years ago, these are the words of the famous English critic of Islam, Sir William Muir. 1400 years ago, the Muslims accepted this reality when Allah revealed to them:

"Indeed it is We who have sent down the reminder (the Qur'an), and indeed it is Us who shall preserve it" (Quran 15:9)

These words have proved true to this very day. From the moment the first words were revealed to Muhammad, to this very day, every single letter and word of the Quran has remained unchanged.

Before Islam, all the revelations sent were not given this divine assurance. With the Quran it is the exact opposite. The contents of this amazing book are stored in the hearts of millions of Muslims worldwide. Children as young as 12 have memorized the entire book in its original language, Arabic. There is no other religious scripture which is orally preserved in its original language by so many and over such a period of time, without having been tampered somewhere along the line. As Muslims we believe the Quran can only be in the language it was revealed in, i.e. Arabic. Anything else is a translation and not the divine words of the Creator. A true test of this divine preservation would be to burn all the books and manuscripts in existence, to see which can return as it was. The Quran would be the only book which would return in its original form, letter for letter, word for word." [3]

No Mistakes

"Man as a creature is fallible. For this reason anything which is produced by him will naturally have faults. With the Quran, such a notion cannot even be considered as it is from the one who is Infallible. In fact Allah (God) clarifies this matter beautifully when he says: "Do they not consider the Quran? Had it been from other then Allah surely they would have found much discrepancies within it" (Quran 4:82)

Throughout history many have tried to scrutinize and search the Quran for mistakes and errors. To this day no one has been able to bring a proof showing that this book is not from Allah. With other scriptures, contradictions, mistakes and absurdities are constantly present." [3]

The Miracle

"The Quran is a literary masterpiece of Arabic which was and remains unrivaled in its eloquence. Its rhythmic style, rhyme, near-haunting depth of expression, majesty, and "inimitable symphony, the very sounds of which move men to tears and ecstasy" [1], shook the foundations of a society which had prided itself on its oratory skills. Contests were held every year in Makka for who could recite the longest and most eloquent pieces from memory. When the Quran was revealed, all such contests were brought to a halt, as there was no more competition.

Like the miracle of Moses' stick turning into a real snake which outdid the ability of all the Pharaoh's magicians at a time when the Egyptians were noted for their mastery of sorcery and magic, and the miracle of Jesus' healing of the blind and bringing the dead back to life which outdid the ability of all the doctors at a time when the Jews were noted for their mastery of medicine, the Quran was the Prophet Muhammad's own miracle [2]. How could such magnificent and unrivaled expressions emanate from a man who, for 40 years, was never known for any such ability?" [4]


"Over the past few decades much interest has been shown in the scientific content of the Quran. Scientific data which has been discovered in recent times has been existent in this book for 1400 years. In fact the very common origin of this universe is stated clearly by Allah, the Most High:

"Do not the disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then We parted them. And We made from water every living thing. Will they then not believe?" (Quran 21:30)

This parting of the heavens and the earth is more commonly known to scientists as the 'big bang'. It is also a fact that life originated from water and that every living cell is composed of 85% water. Without water life is impossible.

The embryological data which is found in the Quran is astounding. Allah describes the formation of a baby inside the womb from the very moment the sperm reaches the ovum, to its formation into a human. This data, which was only discovered about 30 years ago, has amazed many western scientists. Amongst them is Dr Keith Moore from the University of Toronto, Canada. Dr Moore is a recognized authority in embryological circles, with his university text book being set as a standard text in many universities throughout the world. When Dr Moore was asked as to how this information in the Quran could be explained, he replied: "It could only have been divinely revealed"." [3]


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