By Jacqueline S. Waheed


Following are some rights, which Muslim women have!


1. The RIGHT and duty to acquire education.


2. The RIGHT to have her own independent property.


3. The RIGHT to work [job or business] to earn money, which she keeps it.


4. The RIGHT to equal reward for equal deed and/or work.


5. The RIGHT to express her opinion.


6. The RIGHT to argue and/or advocate her cause or opinion to be heard.


7. The RIGHT to vote since 1,421 years.


8. The RIGHT to provisions from her husband for all her needs and more.


9. The RIGHT to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.


10.The RIGHT to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply don't like him. In Islaam divorce is suppose to be last resort.


11.The RIGHT to keep all her own money. [She is not responsible for maintenance of family].


12.The RIGHT to get sexual satisfaction from her husband.


13.The RIGHT to get custody of her children in case of divorce [unless she is unable to raise them for valid reasons]


14.The RIGHT to choose husband of her choice.


15.The RIGHT to refuse a proposed and/or arranged marriage.


16. The RIGHT to re-marry after divorce or after becoming widow.